Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tape Measures and Bike Tires

I started my day in the office with a tape measure in my hand. If you know me, I'm not exactly the handy-man type, so you may wonder what I was doing with a tape measure. I had no intention of building anything, I was actually measuring for office furniture. I have been administrative pastor for three weeks now (counting the week of vacation I took off for Spring Break) and I've been in a temporary office. I've been sharing an office with our church worship leader (and my good friend) Brad. Brad has been gracious to share his office with me, but his desk is not big enough to work on much of anything (it is more of a computer desk) and I don't have room to put my file cabinets and stuff like that in the office. Anyway, today I had the tape measure out trying to figure out how to rearrange what has been Harry's office. Harry's office is also the church work room (copier, paper, paper cutter, hole punch, fax machine, etc) and it gets a lot of traffic on Sunday mornings. Harry never complained about it much, but people ALWAYS rummage through his desk over the weekend. I was hoping to have an office where people could not rummage through my desk and where I would not have to face the wall (which is what happens when you sit at the big desk in Harry's office right now). To keep this story from getting in any longer, I'll just let you know that Pastor David came in, helped me see how we could rearrange some things, got the big desk out of the corner and had a couple ideas how to keep people out of my desk. So...tomorrow I will start moving stuff around in the office. I may need some help since we're gonna move some BIG bookshelves, but by the first part of next week I should have a real office. May not seem like a big deal, but I'm happy. So much for tape measures.

This evening, I ran some errands and ended up at Wal-Mart buying a bicycle tire. If you saw the picture or video of Amanda riding her bike, you saw that it looked something like a circus act...some poor girl trying to ride a midget bike! Amanda needs a new bike, and since she is out of school for Good Friday (of course, the school does not call it Good Friday, but that's why they are out), I thought it would be a good time to "upgrade" her to a bigger bicycle. I shared this with my Life Group (church small group) this past Wednesday, and somebody said they had bike that their daughter outgrew which would be the perfect size for Amanda. All it needed was a new back tire, and that's why I was at Wal-Mart buying a bicycle tire this evening.

Although I had this discussion on Wednesday night, I did not tell Amanda. As a matter of fact, she has no idea when she is getting a new bike. But I did tell Amanda if she made it through the rest of the week (Wednesday and Thursday) without getting a check mark at school, I had a big surprise for her (and I stressed B I G ). Well, guess who made it through the rest of the week without a check mark? So tomorrow, we are going by Christian's house (Amanda's friend), get the bicycle, put the new tire on it and try it out in the church parking lot. Stay tuned here for pictures!


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