Friday, March 25, 2005

A New Bike

Good Friday...AISD is out of school and the weather is nice. Sounds like a perfect day for a bike ride to me! We went to a friends house to pick up the bike they told Amanda she could have. We went and hung out a Christian's house (Amanda's friend) for a while and took the bike with us. The bike needed a new back tire and inner tube. We headed off to Academy Sporting Goods to pick up a new tire and tube, throw in a new front tire so they both looked new, a white seat to match, new handle grips and a new chain. The bike really wasn't in bad shape, we just wanted to make it look all new and shinny. Amanda started out saying her legs hurt too bad from the past few days of bike riding and she did not want to ride today, but after talking about the bike for a while, she could not wait to get home and give it a try.

When we got to Academy, we started gathering the stuff we were going to replace on the bike. As we were looking around, we saw a nice, new Huffy bike (pink and purple no less...Amanda's two favorite colors) that was just $5 more than the parts we were going to buy. Amanda Kay got a new bike. We had to throw in a bike bell and we were ready to go home, tear the training wheels off it and take it for a spin in the church parking lot. Daddy and Amanda biked and Mommy took pictures until Amanda's legs hurt and she was ready to go home. She was tired but couldn't wait to ride again. Here's a short clip of her on her new bike.


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