Friday, March 25, 2005

Office Update

Have you ever worked really hard on something, been proud of it and wanted to show it to everybody...only to wish you had taken a picture of what it looked like BEFORE you did all that work? I had about half of the furniture out of my new office (read previous post for more details) when I had that feeling. And now that I'm sitting here writing this, I wish I had taken a picture of all of my office furniture out in the foyer!

But that's what I did with most of my day Friday. My alarm went off at 8am so I could be in the office by 8:30am to get a delivery from UPS. When the alarm went off, I figured Amanda would be getting up soon or the dog would be hungry and would wake me up in a few minutes, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. At 8:45am, I rolled over looked at the clock and panicked. I was expecting some books to be delivered at the church...books that I needed to hand out at church on Sunday. I got up, got dressed and made it to the office by 9am and was relieved to see there was not "sorry we missed you" note on the door. The plan was, work on the new office for a while, wait for UPS and then go home once the delivery came.

UPS came by 9:30am...YEA! Oops, that doesn't look like the books I was expecting. Long story, but the short version is, the books never arrived, but I did get a lot done in the office. Once started hauling furniture out into the foyer, it became obvious I was committed to the end. Pastor helped me move some of the really heavy stuff, then I took a break around 1pm. We went to get Amanda's bike, stopped by Mickey D's, went by Academy Sporting Goods and then came home. Amanda and I rode bikes for while, I worked more in my office, we all ate dinner, I went back to work in the office some more, we all went to Office Depot to buy a new office chair and I finally finished up sometime that evening.

The office looks a whole lot different. We got rid of a couple things which gave me a lot more space, and we moved the desk to a much better place...also making the office "roomier". I've still got a lot of boxes to unpack, pictures to hang and the like...but the office looks good. Poor Harry...we'll have to find someplace for him to sit his last two days!


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