Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brooke Visits The ER

Tonight Amanda wanted to ride bikes...something she and I do together. Brooke said she wanted to join us, so we got out the third bike and went for a ride. We made a few laps around the church parking lot and then headed out to the neighborhood.

The third bike we have is more a youth-size bike and the seat is not so comfortable, so I offered to let Brooke ride my bike once we were headed home. Brooke was trying out bike riding (first time in 20 years!) to see if she could ride without it hurting her back. She was considering making bicycle riding a new family activity. That was all before "the incident". Brooke was aiming for the sidewalk, took a turn too fast and then...well, not sure what happened next, but all I saw was her fall off the bike and onto Kelly Elliott. Thankfully there were no cars in the near lane at the time or this could have been a much more serious post.

Amanda and I rode up to see if she was OK. She said she could not get up and that her arm really hurt. I helped her up, rode home, got a vehicle and came back to pick up Brooke, Amanda and the other two bikes. We stopped at a nurse friend's house on the way and decided it would be a good idea to get an x-ray. Brooke was hurting but fairly calm. Amanda, on the other hand was crying and very worried about her mother.

They know us well at Medical Center of Arlington. Brooke was the last one but has now made it complete...everybody in our house has visited the MCA emergency room. Despite the pain, an x-ray showed no broken bones, no chips and nothing that needed casting, so thank you, Jesus, for that. They gave Brooke a sling and medication for pain. The arm has been hurting since we got home, but she's sleeping now and we're thankful nothing is broken and thankful for no traffic on Kelly Elliott at that time. Not exactly the best way to spend a Tuesday night, but we're thankful to be home with no broken bones.

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