Wednesday, March 19, 2008


OK, maybe it's the dogs more than camping that keeps me from sleeping in. We slept until almost 9am again this morning, but even though we miss the extra sleep, we miss the doggies more. Another bacon and eggs breakfast, some reading and then we went to pick up the dogs. Might as well grab a shower at Mom and Dad's (although how can you feel any more clean than when you are in a shower house that reeks of Pine Sol!). We grabbed a shower, grabbed the dogs and then came back to the campground.

Mmmm...sausage, eggs, toast and hash browns

We knew our friends the Barkers were going to be moving their camper, so we stopped by to see what Brian was doing. While his parents moved the camper, we took Brian with us to McDonalds for lunch.

Sully the Pirate
(everybody had to try on the "pirate hat" that came in the McDonalds Happy Meal.

Boo the Pirate

Brooke the Unhappy Pirate

Brooke the Happy Pirate

After lunch, Rob, Amanda and Brian went for a bike ride down by the lake to play at the playground. We were just thinking about coming back when we heard this "pssssssssssss" and Brian's front bike tire went flat for no appearant reason. Fortunately Brooke and the car were just a phone call away so Brian, Amanda, Brooke and the two bikes came back to the campground in the car. I (tried to) ride up the HUGE hill on my bike and arrived a short time after the car, greatly out of breath.

Amanda and Brian. We stopped by the lake on our bike ride.

Amanda and Brian played for the rest of the afternoon. Brooke talked with Jan and read. I took a short nap and read a bit. After supper we took the dogs on a LONG walk (mostly because EVERYTHING distracts Sully from doing his business), came back tot he camper, watched some TV, read some more and went to bed

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Brad Irons said...

Ok, so where are the pictures of Rob in the pirate hat?