Friday, March 21, 2008


Once again the dogs woke us up this morning, and once again, it took a good 20 minute walk before Sully would do his "business". You've heard of having the poo scared out of you? Sully has it scared INTO him! Anything little thing scares him and he cannot concentrate on the business at hand. Yes, you are welcome for sharing.

So after our morning walk, we fixed sausage and egg sandwiches with hash browns for breakfast. It was then time for our last trip to the store. This time, we tried to avoid Wal-Mart because they do not carry the special heavy-duty paper plates we were trying to replace (the ones we "borrowed" which were left over in the camper). Brooke could not find the exact plates but found something that would work. As I was cooking the sausage this morning and trying to flatten out the patties I broke one of my Mom's spatulas. The only thing similar they had at Kroger was a $7 pack, so it was off to Wal-Mart again.

Off for a Bike Ride to the Marina

Amanda saw the marina convenience store when we were on our walk last night and thought it looked like a light house. Of course, this meant it needed investigating, so we rode our bikes to the marina after breakfast. On the bike ride there, a little dog ran along side our bike barking. I knew the dog would freak out Amadna and I was very proud of her for not crashing her bike in fear! Once we got past the dog, I saw that she was crying. I don't know what it is about little dogs, but they scare her more than big ones!
At the marina, we some scary ducks, too. Amanda was chased by a goose once, and now all ducks are scary up close. Anyway, we took pictures of the ducks and then walked out onto the pier. Amanda thought it would be fun to walk out onto one of the boat landings until she discovered that they merely floated on Styrofoam and were not very steady. But we couldn't stay there too long until she wanted to go explore the building she thought looked like a light house. I imagine she was pretty disappointed to discover it looked pretty much like any other bait/tackle/convenience store. We bought an ice cream bar and an ice cream cookie, sat on the deck and looked out over the lake while talking about the ducks, the joys of camping and "that scary dog" that we might have to face on the ride back to the camper.

The Scary Duck

Later in the day, Mr. Barker invited Amanda to do fishing with him and Brian. I didn't expect them to catch anything, but Amanda insisted on taking the digital camera so somebody could get a picture of her with the fish that she caught. Brooke went for a walk and then hung out with Jan (Barker) while I finished book #2 (Mutant by Peter Clement) this week. Just as I finished my book Mr. Barker drove up with Amanda and Brian who quickly jumped out of the car and came running, each with a bag full water with a fish in it! I'm not a fisherman, but I think they caught a perch. I'll have a picuture in here. so somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but whatever it was, it sure made Amadna proud! Of course I had to grab the new video camera and shoot some video, too.

The Fish That Was Caught By the Child With No Head

The Proud Fisherman

Two Proud Fishermen

Kiss the Fish!

What a shame that it's Friday already. I feel like I just started relaxing yesterday, and Dad will be here in the morning to hook up the trailer and allow us to re-enter the real world. Oh well. It's 6:20pm. Guess I need to shut this down and see what the plans are for dinner.

Ta Da!

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Anonymous said...

Remember that time you and Brooke went camping with another couple and you got hailed on somewhere in New Mexico and everyone thought they were going to die? How about when arriving, and all poor Rob and Brooke wanted to do was read and relax, and that darned couple just wanted to site see. Man, good times. I may have video to prove it. BE