Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Slept until almost 9am this morning...no hungry dogs to wake us up at the first sign of movement. The rain started, but nothing seriously stormy like the weather people said we could get. Had cereal for breakfast, watched a movie and then decided to head back to Arlington to run a few errands since it was supposed to rain all day. We ran by the house real quick so we could grab a real shower. While there, I had to call Sprint and reactivate my old phone. The used one I bought just six weeks ago konked out on me. Will NOT be getting any more "free" phones from Sprint that extend my already-too-long contract. They reset my "rebate" on my phone. Every 22 months you can get a $150 rebate from Sprint for a new phone. Because I had to go back to my old phone, they reset my 22 months even though the phone was not new. I'm just getting fed up with Sprint not taking good care of me as a customer. I guess they figure they have enough people that they don't have to worry about little guys like me. That was frustrating enough, but now I can't access my email from this old phone (it does not get as strong a signal at the campground). I am not a happy camper with Sprint or my phone.

Anyway, after a shower and frustrating phone conversation with Sprint, we ran by the library to pick up a book or two for all of us. After that, it was off to David's BBQ for lunch. Man, they serve some good food! We ran by Wal-Mart again and then came back to the camper. With it raining ALL DAY, I was glad not to have to take the dogs outside, but I sure miss them! Family camping is not the same without the doggies.

It was cool and rainy this afternoon, so I got in a GOOD nap. I love to sleep when it is raining! After that we fixed dinner and then went to get Brian so he and Amanda could watch a movie over here tonight. When the movie was over, we went into town (Cedar Hill) to gas up the car and grab a McDonald's ice cream for everybody. We dropped off Brian, Brooke watched Dancing with the Stars and then watched Jericho with me.

When Brooke went to bed, I spent 40 minutes trying to log into my email or Twitter on my old phone...to no avail. I finally gave up in frustration and decided to blog about the day. Frustrating day with Sprint and the phone, but fun day with the family. Definitely thankful we are camping in a trailer and not in a tent, and definitely ready for the rain to stop now. It is supposed to rain most of the night and then begin clearing up tomorrow. Amanda wants to go to the beach (if there's any left after the lake's rising due to all of the rain!), we'll do some more bike riding and hopefully pick up or doggies for the rest of the week.

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