Monday, March 17, 2008


I woke up around 7:30am. For some reason, I cannot sleep in very well when camping (I can nap all afternoon, but I can't sleep late in the morning). We are not usually big breakfast eaters, but when we camp, we usually cook up some bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast and that is what we did today.

Our camp site is right near a playground area which Amanda noticed right away last night, so we headed over there for a while this morning. After that, we went for a family walk/bike ride. Amanda rode her bike (first time since the "elbow incident"), I rode my bike and walked the two dogs and Brooke walked. This wore us out enough that we all (that is Rob, Brooke and the two dogs) needed a nap after lunch.

We had visitors after lunch. The Barkers are friends of the family since the days Brooke worked at Grace Prep, and they live here at the State Park. Amanda has not seen Brian (Barker's son who is her same age) in a couple years, so she was thrilled to see them! Brooke is out talking with her friend Jan right now while Amanda is out bike riding with Brian now.

Amanda and Brian

I am "blogging" while Brooke and Amanda are visiting with the Barkers. I have my laptop but no internet access, so I'm writing now so I'll have something to post when I get back. I HATE not having internet! I have been surviving on my cell phone. I can check my email, but I've been cut off twice (and lost everything I typyed in using the number pad!) so long replies to email do not work very well. I was updating my Facebook status, but the typing with my phone keypad is too much of a hassle. I would gladly trade our TV for internet, but I guess you're supposed to "rough it" when camping, right?!

Amanda went over to the Barkers camper to watch a movie with Brian tonight. Brooke and I ran to Wal-Mart for a few things. Storms are moving in and we are supposed to have (possibly severe) rain and wind all day Tuesday. My Mom offered for her and Dad to keep the dogs for a day so we wouldn't have to take them out in the rain. (I suspect Mom also did not want them tracking mud in the camper!). Brooke and I ran the dogs over to their house after Wal-Mart, picked up Amadnda and came back to the camper for the night. We'll see what the weather brings tonight/in the morning.

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