Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Until She Has Kids Of Her Own Someday

I love and I hate getting a family portrait taken. First of all, you have to dress up. At our house, Brooke is the "dress up expert"...she is the one who customized our "look" for the portrait. When I got home from work, all of our outfits were laid out.

So off to Sears we went. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long and we were show to a studio room. Brooke already knew which backgrounds "we" wanted, so we started with those and then the photographer had a few ideas of her own. She managed to get just one picture of me with my eyes closed and one with my eyes in some "wild man" mode. There were family pictures, Mommy and Amanda pictures, Daddy and Amanda pictures, Mommy and Daddy pictures and then just Amanda pictures. Those people know what they are doing. How can you look at a picture of your kid in this cute pose with a big grin on her face and then say, "Naw, you keep the picture. I don't want it"? Do you think these picture people don't know this?

So we ended up with the portrait package and the matted proof page...only twice as much as I planned on spending when I walked in there. I am sure car salesmen get their start in portrait studios! But now we've got family memories that will last forever (in a drawer somewhere), so I'm happy. Someday when Amanda is a teenanger, we can pull the pictures out and look at them one more time. When we look at the one of Amanda laying on her back, hands behind her head and flowers on the ground all around her, a tear will well up in our eyes. Amanda will ask why because she will not understand...until she has kids of her own some day.

Oh, I almost forgot. Do you want to see the pictures? Here they are.

- Rob

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stephen said...

yeah those picture days can be a whip

you think getting your family to all look good is hard, how about trying to get 2 adults, a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a 9 month old all looking "pretty" at the same time. it's extremely difficult.

but your right. the pictures will be worth it one day