Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Baby

Yesterday was Brooke's birthday. I guess she is going to be one of those who doesn't like to tell her age, so I won't tell. (It's not like it's a big deal...she won't even be 35 until next year). Anway, Brooke is always good about doing special stuff for birthdays, so Amanda and I wanted to do her's up right this year. Brooke is a "people person", so any birthday party for her really requires people. The only problem is, how do you know who to invite (Brooke has a MILLION friends). Our plans changed over the course of time, but due to the "original plan", twelve, counting kids, was all we could do. Anyawy.

Amanda and I got up before Brooke and decorated the house with a few balloons, steamers and a birthday hanging thing (see picture above). We got her Casting Crowns and Third Day CDs as gifts, but the real "party" was the surprise of the evening. The week before, Amanda and I had gone to downtown Ft. Worth to check out Mi Cosina as a possible party meeting place. It seemed to fit the bill, so all that was left was to make sure Amanda could keep a secret, and that turned out to be easy. It seems Amanda really likes being old enough to keep a secret and be in on "the good stuff". Brooke went so far as to tell Amanda that she had already bought some of Amanda's birthday presents and she would exchange birthday present secrets (what kind of mother...?). Amanda's response? "Huh?" pretending as though she could not hear. That was Amanda's response to the end...good job, Punkin!

So a little after 7pm, the three of us piled into the car and headed for "Destination Unknown". Brooke asked if anybody else knew where we were going, and I told her I didn't think so. She asked if anybody else would be joining us, and I told her "No, it is a family time." Once we got downtown, I parked and we started walking, Brooke still not knowing where we were going. As we approached the corner to turn onto the street where the restaurant was, I saw a couple who was going to meet us at the restaurant, so I took a quick "detour" and we crossed the street. Brooke did not see them and asked me why we were walking back toward where I had parked the car. I just acted like I was lost and she bought it ('cause I get lost so often and easily). So at the end of that half block, we made a U-turn and headed back on course. Once we got to the restaurant, our friends were seated at a table near the front and so we joined them. I believe Brooke was genuinely surprised.

After dinner we walked around a bit and stopped by Starbucks and Marble Slab. Amanda got a tummy ache and others had kids or had to work this morning so we all headed home. Amanda went to sleep and Brooke and I watched a movie and then called it a day.

Happy Birthday Baby, I love you,

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