Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Most Avid Blog Reader

Today was the first day Amanda was out of school for Thanksgivnig break, so we went to visit Grandma GiGi. When we got there, Grandma was sleeping, so I took her hand to wake her up. She woke up, looked at me, looked at Brooke and then looked at Amanda. When she looked at Amanda, her face lit up like Christmas tree. Amanda got to tell Grandma GiGi about school, reading, math and all that good stuff. We hung around for a while and then took some pictures. After that, we wheeled Grandma down to the dining hall for dinner. We didn't stay and eat with her, but between talking in her room and getting to the dining hall, we met a few of her friends and some of the people who work there.

Amanda knows Grandma as Grandma GiGi, her great grandmother, but to me she is Grandma Robinette. Grandma is my Mom's mom, and she just happens to be my most avid blog reader! Grandma does not have Internet access, but I print my blog at the end of each month and mail it to her. I know she reads it because she told me so, she talked about stuff I had written in it and one of the ladies who works at the home where Grandma is asked "Is he the one that sends you the e-mails?" when she introduced me as her grandson.

It was good to see you today, Grandma. We'll be back again next month. I love you!

- Rob

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