Friday, November 04, 2005

It Might Not Have Been So Funny

A funny thing happened this Wednesday evening.  Well, it turned out to be funny, but I'm sure I would not have been laughing if things were just a little different.  It all started Friday when my friend Stan drove our church ladies to their weekend retreat in Waxahachie.  I am responsible for upkeep on the bus, so I check the gas before the bus left.  It had half a tank and I figured that was good for the short trip to Waxahachie and back.  Good news is, they had enough gas to get there and back.

I had not checked the gas since their trip, so Wednesday I turned the key on to see if I needed to get gas before picking up students on Wednesday night.  The gas gauge read empty, so I planned to stop for gas on the way out.  At 5:10pm, I was headed to the gas station and realized that the gas gauge did not budge when I started the was EMPTY.  I thought how inconvenient it would be to have to call Brooke, go back to church, get the gas can and fill up the bus just to get to the gas station.  As I crossed all the intersections I needed to cross and was looking  at the break in traffic to turn into the gas station, I thought to myself, "Well, at least I could coast from here if I had to."  As soon as I started my turn, the bus died!  I was coasting up to the pumps saying, "Which side is the gas tank on!!??"  Thank the Lord I knew which side it was on and thank the Lord this often extremely-busy gas station had an open pump I could coast right up to!  Since I was able to coast up to the pump, this is a funny story.  If I had run out of gas even 20 seconds earlier, it might not have been so funny.

- Rob

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Anonymous said...

I am glad it coasted to the pump because I would have felt bad about it if you had run out elsewhere. I am glad that I didn't speed on the trip, blessings, stan