Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, Brookie!

We sorta celebrated Mother's Day yesterday at our house. It started in the early afternoon as Brooke went to a baby shower. Amanda Kay and I got into the car and went shopping! The first place we headed was to Luna's Salon and Spa to get Brooke a gift card for a pedicure and manicure (she loves that). Next, Amanda wanted to head to the movie store to get Mommy a movie for Mother's Day...we picked "Oceans Twelve". Then, we went in search of the perfect roses for Mother's Day. One store had a beautiful arrangement of multi-colored roses (some very pretty purple ones included), but Brooke likes pink, so we headed to yet another store. When we found the pink roses, we hurried home to get the roses in a vase, wrap the movie and make a couple cards. We soon found out the rose vase at home had somehow "disappeared", but we borrowed one from the church and I still don't think Brooke knows the difference. I'm wondering if she didn't take her vase to church and it got left there, 'cause the one I borrowed looks pretty much exactly like the one that used to be here. Anyway, the roses got in a vase, the movie got wrapped and we made a card from Daddy and a card from Amanda. Since Brooke had to work children's ministry both services today, we had Mother's Day yesterday. Well, we gave her the gifts yesterday, but we loved extra on her today, too.

Brooke and I have been married 12 years this year, and she has been a mother for six years now. She's pretty special to me, and in closing today, I wanted to share what I wrote in her mother's day card. I don't know how romantic it is, but I tried to express how much she means to our family.


I don't know how you do it...all you do for your job at church and then all the stuff you volunteer to do on top of that. And then, if that is not enough, you come home and cook, wash clothes, grocery shop, help do homework, give Amanda a bath and whatever else needs to be done.

I guess because you somehow balance all of this so well I take you for granted. You're kinda like one of those beams that holds up a big bridge...people don't often think of the beam when they look at the bridge spanned over a river at sunset. It's a peaceful scene and people go about their everyday lives going back and forth across the bridge. If the beam wasn't there to hold it up, it would be an ugly heap of junk in the middle of the river. People looking at our life as a family see a beautiful bridge spanning the river at sunset. Amanda and I can go about our everyday lives because you are there...always.

I guess the picture of a bridge beam is not very romantic, but it does describe what you do in our family. You support us, make us look good to others and give us the foundation we need. You hold us up and you hold us together. Sometimes we're the majestic Golden Gate Bridge and sometimes we're the Bridge Over Troubled Water...but we'd be nowhere without you. Thank you for being the beam that hold our family together. I DO appreciate and recognize all you do for me and Amanda.

I love you,

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