Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Amanda Graduated Kindergarten

"They" say time flies when you are having fun. Is that why your kids grow up so fast? Amanda Kay graduated from Kindergarten today...although she still has another week of class. Is it just me, or does that seem strange? I guess it's because they have to have award ceremonies for each grade, they only have one cafeteria/stage and doing the whole school at once would take forever.

But anyway, the important (exciting) thing is that Amanda graduated from her first year of school. She has learned a lot, and we are thankful for a good school and a great teacher this year. After pre-K at a Christian mother's day out program, Brooke and I talked and prayed about the options for Amanda's schooling. Having youth pastored for many years, I felt Christian kids needed to be in public schools...if you take all of the Christians out of public school, what is going to happen? But after having Amanda come home from "school" for three years singing Bible songs and quoting memory verses, it was hard to think about sending her to a school that, for all intents and purposes, tries to act like God does not exist. After more prayer and discussion, we sent Amanda down the street to Corey Elementary. God was very good to us gave us Mrs. Childers as Amanda's teacher. We found out Mrs. Childers was a Christian when we invited her to "Teacher Appreciation Sunday" at our church at the beginning of the school year. Mrs. Childers said she could come to the reception after church but she felt she should go to her own church service. Mrs. Childers is a grandmotherly type who has been teaching for a number of years. She is very patient and an excellent teacher. We could not have asked for a better teacher, and we have been so thankful for her this year.

So Amanda is now ready for her last week of school before her first official summer vacation. She is excited about first grade next year and looking forward to swimming this summer.

- Rob

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