Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lyrics: Snowball Fight

One of my favorite Christmas CDs is one I picked up when I was a youth pastor. It is Ska La-La-La-La by Bunch of Believers. I'll be posting some of the lyrics...because I just love this CD!

Well I'm walkin' in a winder wonderland
With a cold one in my hand
Yeah, I want to be a blessing to someone
God's given me a gift
Like Nola Ryan, if you get my drift
Today the youth group wants to have some fun

The other side is slow like Eyore
But I'm bouncing like Tigger
You've got to pick your hiding place
And I wish this tree was a little bit bigger

Now I know why God made snow
One, two, three let's go, it's a snowball fight
Snowball fight, snowball fight, snowball fight

Well I don't want to miss the mark
But I just hit some bark
It was enough to scare Roberta half to death
And if you look behind that shrub
Boy, they're gonna need some deep heating rub
I know they're back there, I can see their breath

Now if I hit you in the face
Well I mean it all in love
Cold, white flakes of fun
Sent down from above

Though your sins be red like scarlet
They will be made white as snow

Tis the season
To lose all inhibition
At Christmas-time I just praise the Lord
And pass the ammunition

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