Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 of 12 - December 2008

9:26 AM
I was at school (ECIA) helping a teacher learn how to use Engrade, the online grade book selected by the school. Stopped by the front desk and saw Brooke and Brad hard at work!

Pastor picking me up to go play some racquetball. He won 2 out of 3 today! :+(

Yesterday I replaced the wood trim around my garage door and caulked it. Today, I filled in a couple areas that needed more caulk.

Caulk, like make up, covers a lot of blemishes!

2:04 PM
Happy Hour at Sonic is 2-4pm where soft drinks and slushes are half price. We stop by at least a couple times a week. Here's our Friday stop.

2:19 PM
Tonight is our church leadership Christmas party and we always have a gift exchange. This year, again, the guys are buying tools. Best place to shop...Foster Hardware.

2:44 PM
Ending up choosing an LED flashlight for my exchange gift.

3:49 PM
Wrapping Christmas presents. Yes, I'm the wrapper at our house. I am wrapping Brooke's present from Amanda and Daddy here.

6:18 PM
Brooke taking a quick rest before the leadership Christmas party tonight. Of course the dogs felt the need to rest with her.

7:16 PM
Church leadership Christmas party. Ed, Rob, Mark, Bill and Mike (left front to back, right back to front).

9:07 PM
Ed ended up with the gift I bought. I heard he was going to give it to his grand daughter.

10:08 PM
Picture of Brooke with full moon in the background. Although the moon does not look too big here, it was a full moon and the largest moon in the past 15 years...tonight.

10:34 PM
This screw driver set is the exchange gift I ended up with at the leadership Christmas banquet tonight. Cool!

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hunt4christ said...

you got the good gift. I bet they did not miss the gifts that I used to bring.