Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Birthday Boy

This is Sully, and today is his birthday. Actually, today is the day we celebrate his birthday. We rescued him from the pound so we don't know when his birthday is for sure, so we celebrate December 17...the day we brought him home from the pound.

I believe it was in 2002 we were looking for a second dog to keep Boo company. We were leaning toward another Cocker Spaniel (Boo is a Cocker), so when one became available at the pound, I took Boo to meet the new dog. My Mom is the one who saw the Cocker at the pound, so she went with me. The Cocker was not very friendly and did not want to have anything to do with Boo. I was disappointed and ready to go when Mom said, "Did you see that Snauzer over there?" I really was not interested, but she insisted, and so we let him out into the outdoor pen to meet Boo and me. He immediately ran up to Boo and wanted to play, and then he came over to me and wanted to be loved. That is about all the time it took...I was hooked and I took him home.

Brooke and Amanda welcomed Sully (the name we gave him) right away. It took Boo awhile since she was used to being an only dog, but she loves Sully now and I think she would be lost without him.

Happy Birthday, Sully. We love you!

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