Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Have a Vision

This is a picture of the back wall of my office as I began my "three month office remodeling project". That's what I call it now. When I started, I was going to "paint my office".

"So what has changed?" you ask. Nothing. I have no remodeling plans other than painting, but it is just going to take a while. But I have a vision!

Several years ago, while visiting Brooke's paretns, I looked at the white wall, black trim look of Brooke's Dad's office and thought to myself, "I like that". As I was thinking about hanging some new pictures in my office today, I finally decided to go for it, and the painting began.

But my vision is bigger than just white walls and black trim. I am a VERY proud Texan (wasn't born here, but I was one of those who got here as fast as I could), and I have decided my office is going to become a Texas room. Once my paint job is completed, I am going to start with a Texas flag on the wall right where the two homemade posters hang in the picture above. After that, I'm going to add "Texas stuff" to my office as the budget allows.

I'm doing one small section at a time. No moving all the furniture to the middle of the room and painting the whole thing at once. I want to enjoy the project and not stress out over it, plus I'll have to buy the supplies a little here and a little there. I began with the "poster wall" tonight. I'm taking down all of the trim so I can paint without having to tape. I am not a very big painting fan, but I HATE having to tape and paint. Of course, the house was home made (the people who lived here before us literally built the house 40 years ago) and some of the building materials are not exactly up to today's standards. The trim is actually some sort of coated stryofoam! As cheap (quality) as it is, I'm saving all I can. Once it's painted black, it will look good and that's one less item I have to buy.

My goal for tomorrow is painting the trim I have taken down (to see if the leftover black paint I found is going to look OK) and to paint half of the ceiling (with the leftover ceiling paint I found). I have to take down more trim before painting the other half of the ceiling. We'll see how it goes, but I have a vision!

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