Thursday, June 05, 2008

Send Your Friends a Post-Rapture Email!

I saw the headline for this as I was browsing through Google Reader tonight. Somehow I'm thinking Jesus expects a little more of us than this. How can we expect the lost not to laugh at us? I did when I read this.

A new Web site is offering a miraculous service — e-mails sent to loved ones left behind on Earth after you've been swept up to heaven in the Rapture...

Final e-mails from vanished subscribers will be triggered when three of the site's five Christian staffers fail to log in for six days in a row.

Brought to you by "" (seriously!)

Read the entire Fox News story here.


Anonymous said...

I cannot help but wonder what would happen if for some reason the people could not get into the office for a week? Can you imagine all the e mails going out and the frantic phone calls even though the Rapture had not taken place?

Jason said...

Ken got me to thinking about how wonderful it would be for that to happen by accident! I can only imagine that those emails would be the most genuine, loving, messages the sender had likely ever composed. While composing the message, the sender would hypothecically be covered by the fact that their thoughts and feelings about their faith would be verified by the rapture prior to being sent; Therefore, their messages would not be hindered by the fear of controversy, judgement, arguments and backlash that we so often shy away from now. How awesome would it be if people would just send those same emails RIGHT NOW!! How many people could be saved right now if only us Christians would speak that lovingly and openly now, instead of waiting!