Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day One

Well, the Fam left for Alabama today. I am VERY PROUD of my wife...she's been invited to do the children's portion of Hartselle Camp Meeting this year. She and Amanda left on a plane today, a bit late, but they finally got off. They were supposed to be at the airport for an 11:30am flight. Due to the weird storm we had blow in, they didn't get to leave until 2:45pm! But they are there now and I am home...alone!

So tonight I had two options: sit around and mope, or find something fun to do. I chose the latter, grabbed my GPS and Pocket PC, hopped on the motorcycle and went geocaching at a local preserve. The storm thing today (that's what I call it...it was really odd) cooled things off a bit, so I thought it would be a good night to try and find the 10 geoaches hidden in the preserve. I found nine of them but ran out of sunlight before I could find #10...very frustrating!

Here's a few pictures from my adventures this evening:

Can you see something inside that little tube? It's a geocache!

And here it is in my had. It is a pill bottle glued into that tube. Can you see the lid at the top of the container?

This is one of the most clever hides I have seen in a while. The name of the cache was "Flat Tired". I looked and looked through all the trash dumped in this area, all the while thinking the about the name of the cache. Just when I was about to give up (after looking over all three tires in this trash pile), I looked at this one once more. Do you see anything out of place? How about the valve stem coming out of the tire? Yep, the log you sign is inside that. It was a little harder to find though because it was dark. The flash on my camera makes it a little easier to see. Very clever!

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Meagan Henning said...

I am very glad you are keeping busy while your two favorite girls are out of town. Call Daniel to go riding one day too! He needs all the practice he can get.