Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Never Simple...Really

When we moved in to this house, the "closet" where our washer and dryer were had a large opening covered by doors that had a track at the top and a track at the bottom. When you opened them, they formed a "V"...that is, until they fell out of their track and hit you in the head as soon as you turned your back! I finally got tired of putting it back on the track so, with my Dad's help, I replaced the door with the type of door shown here. That was last year.

This year, the same thing began happening with the doors on our bedroom closet (same type we had in front of the dryer). The one door finally needed to be glued, but before I could glue it, Brooke told me I needed to replace it with doors like we have in front of our washer and dryer. Thus, my home improvement project was born.

One would think installing these doors would not be all that difficult or take longer than an hour...especially for someone who has installed them before. Here's the highlights of my one-on-one time with the closet tonight:

  • 7:30pm - Head to Home Depot. Find door, purchase and come home.
  • Take old door down. Remove tracks.
  • Unpack door and ask self, "Where's the other half?"
  • Answer self, "Still at Home Depot in the box. They sell each door separately, dummy!"
  • Call Dad and tell him the story of typical Hurt "luck" when working on a home project. Bummed because Home Depot just closed and I wanted this project done tonight.
  • Find out that Home Depot is open until 10pm. Go back to Home Depot.
  • Find second door, walk it from back of store to the front, wait my turn in line at the register, find bar code for clerk and notice door is damaged.
  • Go back to door section of store.
  • Discover there are no more doors the color of the one I just bought.
  • Make frantic phone calls to Brooke, ask Home Depot if another store has the color I need, decide to buy different color doors after talking to Brooke.
  • Buy TWO doors this time. (Mental note to self...go BACK to Home Depot tomorrow to return door not used).
  • Come back home and bring doors into house
  • Take direction booklet and look for three minutes trying to find where it is written in English.
  • English directions do not make sense. Read in Spanish. No help!
  • Look at pictures, read directions in French. No help!
  • Go to church, get drill.
  • Look at pictures again.
  • Go to church, get jig saw.
  • Look at pictures again. Lay out pieces. Realize saw is not needed.
  • Put up top rail. Hang doors.
  • Put up side rail on both sides.
  • Side rails??? How does this work?
  • Look at pictures, read directions in English, Spanish and French. No help!
  • Remove "side rails" and hide under bed. Install side clips.
  • Install handles (without looking at the directions OR the pictures...pat self on back)
  • 11:30pm. Finished already.
So, my one hour project turned into four and technically I'm not done until I return the unused door tomorrow. It's never simple...really.


Jason said...

You just described every home project I've ever attempted to tackle; only I would have taken 8hrs instead of 4.
I'm just glad to know it's not just me!!

meghenning said...

"Hurt Luck" sounds a lot like what we call around our house "Henning Law". At least you got it done and Brooke has new doors to come home too! Yea!

Brad Irons said...

Wow! Only 4 hours? Amazing! I need to learn from you. I have projects getting close to four weeks long. Go to home depot. Come home. Find out that I bought the wrong part. Go back next weekend and return wrong part. Order new one because it's not in stock. Wait for call that new part is in... Don't get call. Call next weekend, part has been in since previous week. Pick it up the weekend after that... You get it.

Uh yeah. To me, you da man!