Monday, April 16, 2007

Today's Journaling With God

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am tired of living my life my own way and not truly acknowledging You. I am a sold-out Christian, at least in my convictions, yet way too much of the time I just go about my life as if You are not there. Actually, it's not as if You're not there, but I just don't spend enough time seeking You and trying to advance Your kingdom. Please forgive me and help me to do better.

It is my desire to get up early this morning so that I can spend some time in Your Word and have the mind of Christ today. I want to further Your Kingdom and not just go about my own business today. Father, what would You have me do today?

Rob, you are dong the first thing I would have you do today, and that is spend time with Me. Yes, there is always Kingdom work to be done, but my first desire is just to be with you. Yes, I have a will for your day today, but first and foremost, I want time with you. I did not die on the cross in your place so that you could do things for Me, I died on the cross for you so that you could be with Me. I will give you assignments during the day, but what I want most from you today is YOU! I want to be not just in your heart, but in your head, too. I want you to include Me in what you are thinking, feeling and doing. Don't just think about things yourself, share them with Me. You had so many things to think abut after greeting the troops, reading your book and watching your movie this weekend. I shared My heart with you through these. I know what was in your heart, but you didn't share it with Me. I want to share what's in your heart. As you share with Me what's in your heart, I will share with you what's in Mine.

The only way you will ever advance my Kingdom is by spending this time with Me. You cannot do it by working FOR Me, you must do it by working WITH me. If you want to advance my Kingdom today, take Me with you everywhere you go, share everything with Me, tell Me what's in your heart and I'll tell you what's in Mine.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob, I needed to read that.

Remember me, please!

Love you,


Jason said...

That is good. Very powerful, Rob. It pretty much sums up Luke 10:38-42, the "one thing needed".