Friday, March 03, 2006

I Had to Laugh Out Loud

OK, I'll admit I was curious. When I read the headline "No Flush: Let the Yellow Mellow" I had to click it and check it out. The article talks about how waterless urinals are going to save the planet. Well, maybe not save the planet, but the environmentalists think the idea is great. On the other hand, plumbers say it is a terrible idea. Well, you can read it and form your own opinion, but the reason I enjoyed reading the article so much was a comment left by one of the readers. The part of the comment you could read said, "We've had waterless urinals at my house for..." and then when you click on it read the rest of the quote, you find "We've had waterless urinals at my house for years. Only we call them "bushes". I had to laugh out loud.

- Rob

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