Saturday, October 22, 2005

One to Remember

A couple months ago we put a CD/MP3 player in Amanda's room and she loves to play music when she goes to bed.  I put a number of our peaceful CDs onto one MP3 CD, so the disc in her player has 20 something complete CDs worth of music on it.  On Thursday night, I turned on the music as we were talking and praying before she went to sleep.  The sound track from Man From Snowy River was playing and I started telling Amanda about the movie.  She said she wanted to watch it, so that's what we did last night.

Brooke went out with some of her girlfriends last night, so Amanda and I had a Daddy/daughter evening.  When we dropped off Brooke, we had to pick up a few necessities for supper...tater tots and ice cream!  We came home and Amanda played outside while Daddy cooked.  We had our favorite meal...hamburgers and tater tots.  When supper was ready, Amanda came in and we moved into the living room to watch Man From Snowy River.  We finished dinner and then got to the good stuff...the ice cream.  After that, we sat on the couch just the two of us.  It was just the two of us for a while that is.  I had my arm around Amanda who was leaning up against me, and this was just too much for the doggies.  Boo hopped up in my lap and of course Sully could not sit on the floor by himself, so he hopped up in Amanda's lap.  There we sat Rob, Amanda, Boo and Sully watching the movie.  When the movie was over, the doggies played, Amanda got a bath and I cleaned up dinner dishes.  Amanda and I are reading a book I remember reading in Jr. High, Frosty A Raccoon to Remember at bedtime, so we read and she went to sleep.  We didn't do anything really out of the ordinary, but I think our evening will be one to remember.

- Rob

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