Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How Do Daddy Rabbits Pray?

Yesterday, Columbus Day, Amanda was out of school and the weather was nice, so Amanda, Boo, Sully and I went for a walk in the woods at a local park. As we were walking and talking, Amanda said, "Look! It looks sorta like a guinea pig." Upon closer examination, we discovered Amanda had found a baby rabbit. He was sitting by a tree and not moving, hoping we would not notice him. We watched him for a few minutes and then moved on in hopes that he could find the rest of his family. The remainder of our walk was enjoyable until toward the end, Amanda asked me, "Did you have baby bunnies like that when you were little, Daddy?" I told her no, we only had one rabbit. She said, "So you had a boy rabbit?" I told her yes, we had a boy rabbit. For some silly reason I continued, "You have to have a boy and a girl rabbit to have baby bunnies." This confused Amanda who explained that all you needed was a mommy rabbit to have bunnies. Realizing I was possibly heading for deep water I was not sure a six year old was ready for, I tried to stay shallow by saying again, "You have to have both a boy and girl rabbit to have baby bunnies." I realized I may have just stepped off the pier when Amanda asked, "Why do you to have a boy and a girl rabbit, Daddy?" I was about to panic when she continued, "Does the daddy rabbit pray for the mommy rabbit to get pregnant like you did for mommy?" Thinking I might be heading back toward the safety of the shoreline, I said, "Yes, something like that." Just when I was starting to feel the sand beneath my feet, Amanda had one more question: "How to daddy rabbits pray?"

- Rob

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