Saturday, October 29, 2005

Good Times With Good Friends

Today was a not-so-great day and then it was a busy day (on my day off) on top of that.  A friend had invited me over for a "guys night out" playing Texas Hold-em (no money, just free chips), but I almost didn't go because of the bad day.  When Amanda found out a couple of her friends were going to be there with their Dads she wanted to go.  Because I am also working on valuing my friendships more, we decided to go.  I'm glad we went.  Amanda had fun and it did help me to be around friends tonight and not home alone (Amanda is here, Brooke is at our church ladies' retreat).  I had a great time and I actually won my first game of Texas Hold-em!  I finally figured out what that one line from Kenny Roger's "The Gambler" song meant..."you gotta know when to hold `em, know when to FOLD `em..."  Folding when you don't have a decent chance for a good hand helps you stick around quite a bit longer!  So as I come home at 1:30am tonight, I am thankful for good times with good friends.

- Rob

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