Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good Way to End a Busy Day

Our morning started at 8:00am so we could be at the church, ready to hand out door hangers at 9:00am.  After that, I cooked us some bacon for breakfast then I was out to be Handy Man today.  The first project I tackled was the mailbox.  It gets hit by car mirrors so often that the mail lady can literally take the mail box off it's stand when she opens the door to put the mail in it.  I thought in 30 minutes time I could repaint the stand and reattach the box.  It took more like an hour and 30 minutes!  I spent the next three and a half hours doing my annual garage cleaning.  After a quick shower, we all sat in the living room and cooked hamburgers over the electric grill and watched Meet the Parents.  Good way to end a busy day.

- Rob

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