Saturday, April 02, 2005

We Mowed Today

Who cares if it gets HOT during the summer...I love the weather in Texas. Today was April 2nd, and it was nearly 80 degress (and this is not the warmest day we've had so far this year). On Thursday, it was so danged windy and cold I hated it. I could not imagine living up north, having the temperature be in the low teens and then having a wind like we had on Thursday. I would much rather be in the HOT than in the wind. But like I said, that's what I like about Texas weather...if you don't like it, stick around for a couple days and it will change.

The only down side to so much nice, warm weather is the fact that the grass grows. I do not enjoy yard work. For those of you who don't consider riding a riding lawn mower to be "yard work", I don't really enjoy that either. It's not that the job is so difficult, I've just got other things I'd rather be doing. This is the second time I've had to mow in 2005.

"So what would you rather be do"? Thanks for asking. There are a number of things (a GREAT number of things) I'd rather do than mow my spend time with Amanda Kay. Well, in Texas, we not only have great weather, but we also are known to be a little smarter than the average non-Texan (non-scientific study). So what you see below is my compromise between doing what I WANT to do and what I HAVE to do.


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