Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Missions Conference 2005

Our annual Missions Conference was held April 3-6 this year. The missionaries who were able to join us were Roger & Linda West serving in Mexico, Jim & Diane Clair from Uganda, Bob Hill (his wife Melissa could not come) from Scotland, Dirk, Elizabeth and Abigail Wood from South Africa, Sandy Carter from Nicaragua and another dear missionary who do not publish being a missionary online due to the people they serve. The Missions Conference is always an exciting and exhausing time at our church.

The conference started on Suday moring and we heard from a number of our missionaries. We continued on Sunday night and heard from everybody. Sandy Carter from Nicaragua met for lunch on Monday with the team going to work with her for a few days this summer (Brooke is heading up the team and eager to go). Monday night the ladies met a Spaghetti Warehouse, enjoyed a good meal and heard from our missionary ladies. During this time, the missionary men, their hosts and staff ("the guys") met at someone's home form the church who fixed us some GREAT burgers!

On Tuesday, the staff went out with the missionaries to the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens (see pictures below) and then to the Ft. Worth Stock Yards for some good 'ol Texas BBQ. Tuesday night, the men met at Spaghetti Warehouse and heard from our missionary men.

The conference ended Wednesday night with all the missionaries sharing once more and then the congregation having a chance to pray over them (after giving them a standing ovation as they came forward). We (our church) love our missionaries, thank God for them, pray for them and continue to add to our support list every year. Our theme this year was "God is not willing that any should perish"..and that is our church's heart.

I've posted 60 something pictures here...of the conference, the men on Monday night, the stock yards and the botanical gardens with the missionaries if you are interested.


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