Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daddy Daughter Weekend

Brooke left around noon on Thursday for a basketball tournament with the school, so Amanda and I are having a Daddy Daughter weekend.

Thursday night Amanda studied for her tests on Friday and then we ate and watched Alaska State Troopers. After that, Amanda wanted to play a board game so we broke out an old classic!
It was difficult to hold the phone and get us both in the picture. The blurry part in the middle is the Battleship game.

Today, I got up early on my day off :( and took Amanda to school. Friday is doughnut day (Brooke always takes Amanda for doughnuts on the way to school), so we stopped there on the way. I came home, showered, washed clothes, ready my Bible and finalized plans/made reservations for Brooke's and my 20th anniversary. Because Brooke reads my blog, no more about that until after the fact!

I was supposed to pick Amanda up after school and then head to the vet's office to pick up heart worm medicine for the dogs, but I forgot that. Boo said it was OK...I can get it next Friday.

Instead of heading to the vet's office, Amanda and I headed straight to the mall. I got Amanda a gift card from Icing that she wanted to use today. She ended up with a couple cute headbands and some nice ear rings.

While we were at the mall, we had to stop at one place for me.
Yup, we both love us some Dippin' Dots. As you can see, I forgot to take the picture until we had almost finished!

After that we headed home. I don't know what Amanda was doing, but I laid down for a nap. When I got up, Amanda had fallen asleep on her bed, too. We got up and headed out for In and Out, one of our favorite Daddy/Daughter activities. We brought food home and watched some Hawaii 5-0 tonight.

Amanda wanted to watch a movie tonight, so we had to gear up for that.
As you can see, today was not such a great day for my diet! Movie snacks in hand, we started watching Band of Brothers tonight. This is one of my favorite movies of all times (I've seen it twice). I wanted to share it with Amanda to help her appreciate the bravery, selflessness and patriotism of a previous (and great) generation. This is my fourth time watching the mini-series and I am still in awe of the men who volunteered to fight for and protect our country. We watched 4 out of the 12 parts tonight and Amanda is ready for some more tomorrow. I have always wanted to share this story with her and I am glad we got to start tonight.

Tomorrow will be some quality room cleaning time and clothes washing time for Amanda Kay. We'll watch some more Band of Brothers and probably run some errands or do something to get out of the house tomorrow. We're both looking forward to Brooke coming home tomorrow night.

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