Monday, December 31, 2012

My Last Hurrah

All the way to Alabama, whenever we stopped for food, gas or a restroom break, I checked the milk section to see if anybody had the pint size egg nog. I have LOVED egg nog since I was a kid, but I must confess, I think it may have become an obsession this year since I discovered vanilla egg nog from Kroger. Although I was not able to find one single gas station or convenience store that had egg nog on our trip to and from Alabama, I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that Kroger had one last quart of vanilla egg nog when I made a quick run to the store earlier this evening. Last quart in the store. I felt like somebody saved it just for me! I'm pretty sure I have at least 5 pounds of egg nog weight gain this season, so I have decided this must be gone by Wednesday when I start back on my diet to re-lose all the weight I lost last year. Thought it would be perfect as I sat down to watch my movie tonight. My last hurrah.

I guess I am the only one in my family who is a fan of It's A Wonderful Life. I do not see how anyone cannot think this is the greatest movie of all times, but I guess there are some who don't. We have not watched it the last couple years, so I decided I was not going to let another Christmas go by without watching this. Since nobody would watch it with me before Christmas, I decided I was going to watch it tonight as we are getting ready to welcome in the new year. I absolutely love this move. The older I get, the more I cry when I watch it (what is up with all the crying while watching TV/movies!!??). I love the message that our lives touch the lives of so many others that we are not even aware of. God made us for our lives to matter, and this movie reminds us of that.  This movie reminds me that God's plan for my life is not all about me...and that is what makes life rewarding.

Earlier in the day, Amanda got out her bow for the first time. She was measured for a 25.5 inch draw length. This bow said it was for a 23-28 inch draw length. I think it may be just a little on the long side for her, but she was out tearing up the target this afternoon. 

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