Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spoiled on Father's Day

My wife is very good to me. I found this used gun (Kahr P9, 9mm) at Cabela's at a great price. Made a phone call and asked if I could put it on lay-away and, of course, Brooke said it would be OK. I saved money from my computer work to pay it off and asked if I could pay off the last little bit as my Father's Day present. Again, Brooke said "yes", so I got my Father's Day present about two weeks early this year.

I am very thankful for a wife that loves me and let's me have my "toys". I was expecting nothing else for Father's Day, so I didn't quite know what to do when Brooke came home this week, got three pieces of paper from my office and said, "I'm going into Amanda's room, so don't bother us for a little bit." I kinda figured it must be a Father's Day thing since that is not a normal conversation for us, so I thought maybe Amanda was making a card or something.

A little while later, Brooke and Amanda came out and told me meet them in the living room. Well, I right, they had made a card. With great ceremony, I was given this first card (picture of front and inside of card below):

Having lost weight recently, I could use some new clothes. "Very nice" I thought.

And then I was handed a second card:

Again, very nice. Date night with Brooke at a concert (probably wearing my new clothes!)

But they were not finished. I got yet another card.

No way!!! Are you kidding?!?! A month ago Amanda and I were at a gun show and met Daryl Parker from Top Shot, Season 2 (see Amanda's picture below) and I registered to win a 2-hour free shooting lesson. I did not win, but I did get signed up for his email list. I forwarded one of his emails to Brooke to show her info about the range Daryl will soon be opening. Well, she did more than check it out...she bought me a gift certificate for a 2-hour private shooting lesson. I got my gift certificate in the mail this week and now just have to call to schedule my lesson. How awesome is that...not only a two hour shooting lesson, but from a competitor on Top Shot. I am totally spoiled and LOVED by my family.

Amanda with Daryl Parker from Top Shot, Season 2, at the Frisco Gun Show in May of this year

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