Sunday, June 19, 2011

12 of 12 May 2011

12 of 12 Basic Idea - 12 pictures from your life on the 12th of every month. This month, the 12th was on a Thursday.

#1 - 07:23am - Amanda just loves to rise early in the morning for school...NOT!

#2 - 07:24am - Enjoyed listening to each morning while it was on the air.

#3 - 7:27am - Mail from the day before. My nephew, David, graduated this year.

#4 - 7:33am - Apples, bananas and strawberries (looks like we were out of grapes)

#5 - 9:24am - Met with my friend Ryan. I'm not sure which one of looks like a bigger dork!

#6 - 9:26am - Brooke stopped by the office this morning and joined in the meeting around the staff coffee pot.

#7 - 10:38am - BOO! A/C compressor AND fan motor went out. But don't boo Joe, the A/C guy. We like him.

#8 - 2:17pm - Helping P. Phil take some stuff up to the attic.

#9 - 6:15pm - Friends and family celebrated Meagan's birthday before the Hennings headed back to Nicaragua.

#10 - 8:30pm - Quick run to Quick Trip for a quick Diet Coke for the night.

#11 - 8:32pm - And OF COURSE I take the puppies with me for a QT run. They love to ride in the car. They are such adventure dogs.

#12 - 9:11pm - Doing a little studying.

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