Saturday, June 18, 2011

12 of 12 January 2011

12 of 12 Basic Idea - 12 pictures from your life on the 12th of every month. This month, the 12th was on a Wednesday, but I forgot, so these pictures are actually from the 13th which was a Thursday.

#1 - 6:19am - Starting off the morning with prayer/journaling

#2 - 07:21am - Eating breakfast with Amanda. This is Amanda's photographic work.

#3 - 07:22am - Writing the napkin poem for the day.

#4 - 07:40am - Our puppies are not early risers.

#5 - 07:41am - Pictures were actually taken on the 13th this month because I missed it on the 12th.

#6 - 10:29am - Weekly meeting with my friend, Ryan.

#7 - 10:39am - Had to grab a book from the house. On the way in I noticed the turtle's water was beginning to freeze. That's cold for us in Texas.

#8 - 12:58pm - Had lunch with my friend, Chris.

#9 - 2:29pm - Tammy and I trying to figure out and set up our new church management software, Church Pro.

#10 - 7:31pm - At home, still trying to figure out Church Pro.

#11 - 5:45pm - Showing off my early birthday present.

#12 - 7:02pm - For some reason, in the cold, Amanda and I were craving ice cream.

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