Saturday, November 06, 2010

12 of 12 August 2010

12 of 12 Basic Idea - 12 pictures from your life on the 12th of every month. This month, the 12th was on a Thursday.

#1 8:02am - Security lights were not on at one of the buildings so I went to investigate. This is me fixing the electrical problem.

#2 08:19am - Airing up the water slide to clean it and put it away after being used the night before.

#3 8:48am - Late breakfast after getting some outside work done at church.

#4 10:10am - Caught this little guy sneaking a drink from the AC drain pipe.

#5 10:31am - Volunteers helping stuff backpacks in preparation for the Operation Backpack outreach coming up in a few days.

#6 11:01am - More help stuffing backpacks.

#7 12:01pm - Backpacks filled by Vine Fellowship members for Operation Backback 2010

#8 12:50pm - Amanda Kay fixing lunch.

#9 3:41pm - Not sure why there was a beach ball in the foyer, but Amanda and I found it and took a break to have some fun.

#10 03:22pm - Part of my Thursday routine...sending out Greeting Team reminders for the upcoming weekend.

#11 5:05pm - Preparing to go to Texas Combat Shooters.

#12 11:05pm - Late night family night! We stopped by Sonic and then headed out to the country away from the city lights looking for the comets that were supposed to be visible. Never saw any.

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