Sunday, May 02, 2010


The weather was nice today and I had the itch to do something outside (something fun, unlike mowing the yard!). I was torn between geocaching and riding my bicycle. I asked Amanda if she wanted to geocache today and she said "yes", so that settled that. I miss geocaching and I REALLY miss geocaching with GeoPunkin.

Amanda's ability to find caches that I cannot find is not my only reason for wanting to geocache with her, but it sure makes life easier. This was our first cache today, a multi (find the cache at the given location, and it will give you coordinates to another "leg" of the trip...this one had three legs). These little gnomes guarded the caches along the way, and Amanda found the first one.

OK, this picture is totally staged. Amanda got a new cammo shirt this weekend and could not wait to go geocaching with me so we could both wear our cammo shirts. She also wanted to find an ammo box cache today because they are full of fun-for-kids trade items. We intended to take our picture together when we found our fifth, and last, cache today (the ammo box), but we forgot. Next best thing? Come home, grab an ammo box, stand in front of some bushed and let Mom take a picture. Now if only the bushes had been a little taller so you could not see the house in the background!

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Anonymous said...

My son (10) and I love geocaching (jeepnclev). We went and found 6 caches out of 7 searched. It is great father son time or just say family time.