Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12 of 12 - November 2009

7:26 AM - Doggies helping wake up Amanda

7:41 PM - Writing today's lunch napkin poem.
I’m excited today is Thursday
Because I have after school art
Learning to use my God-given gift
To express what He puts in my heart

2:00 PM - Carrying mugs into the sanctuary to set up for volunteer appreciation on Sunday.

2:05 PM - Writing checks and doing a few things for Tammy who was out of town.

2:15 PM - Putting rubber bands in Thanksgiving In A Bag door hangers for volunteers to hand out on Saturday.

3:01 PM - Getting back from Sonic Happy Hour with Pastor Philip.

6:31 PM - Brooke was recovering from surgery so the Kerrs brought some yummy dinner.

6:53 PM - Brooke and Amanda chillin out and eating dinner.

6:34 PM - Brooke and Boo chillin out.

7:32 PM - Rob's posters for his Technology Application class.

8:49 PM - Working on a Power Point for the 5th-6th grade Technology Application class.

8:55 PM - Boo offering moral support while I work on my lessons plans for Technology Application.

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