Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 of 12 - December 2009

8:26 AM - Fixing Brooke's coffee.

8:35 AM - Taking Amanda's temperature.

8:36 AM - Sully LOVES to sit in front of the space heater. Amanda was sitting in a chair in my office so I turned the heater towards here. Sully was confused. The heater is never turned that way, so he sat where he usually sits to have the heater blow on him. As you can see, he was not getting much heat this way.

8:39 AM - Amanda's temperature was 100.4

9:21 AM - This is what I get to do once every three months...snake out our main sewer line. So much fun!

10:49 AM - Neither of the girls felt well.

1:09 PM - Working on lesson plans for Technology Application classes.

2:35 PM - Went to Electronic Discount to pick up a hard drive for my old laptop.

2:55 PM - Headed to Kroger to pick up cereal, pretzels, nuts and spices to make our traditional December "Hot Stuff" mix.

3:46 PM - Sonic, you make me happy this hour!

4:47 PM - Formatting the hard drive for the old laptop.

7:11 PM - Got everything out ready to start fixing our "Hot Stuff" mix.

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