Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In Memory of a Turtle

Friday afternoon Brooke and I were in the kitchen and Amanda came in from the back yard sobbing, "Gina (Geana) is dead!" We went outside thinking perhaps the turtle had just crawled up inside her shell and would not come out. Amanda then told us she found Gina upside down near the edge of the pen. It seems she crawled up on a brick and got turned on her back. The turtles usually turn themselves over when this happens, but Gina was missing a foot and was not as "mobile" as the other turtles. It seems this time she was not able to turn herself over and the sun got to the less protected bottom of her shell. She was indeed dead.

While Amanda cried and recalled what good turtle Gina was, I dug a hole and we buried her. Amanda wrote a story and a song (below) to remember Gina and then placed this "headstone" on her grave.

"Geana was a great turtle although she probably was sick, a great turtle like her should not die. I wrote a song for her."

Geana was a great turtle
for in my heart you are still here
You are still here.


meghenning said...

I will be praying for you and your family in your time of loss! Plus I will find another turtle on the side of the road and bring it to you!

meghenning said...

I really was wanting to know the answer to Jason Mullins blog. I thought to myself "great rob left a comment to explain". OMG, I couldn't even make since of what you said. I read it and re read it. I guess I am just special. I will try and read it again when I am not at work.