Thursday, September 20, 2007

What About Breakfast?

I woke up this morning at 6am and had to make a brief run to the restroom...which of course made the dogs feel they needed to do the same, so I let them outside. I considered staying up but decided the extra hour of sleep would feel good. The dogs and I crawled back in bed (Brooke left for KC for a conference, so she wasn't there).

It didn't take long to get back to sleep, and boy, that extra hour felt like two...actually, it was two! I woke up, feeling great, and rolled over to see how much time I had until my 7am alarm went off. As Gomer Pyle would have said, "Surprise, surprise, surprise" was 2 minutes until 8:00. The bell at Amanda's school rings at 8:20am.

I jumped out of bed, woke up Amanda and told her, "Punkin, it's 8 o'clock. We are supposed to be leaving for school right now. If you hurry, I think we can make it before the bell rings." Her response? "What about breakfast?" She had been awake all of 10 seconds, and that was on her mind already.

So the short version is, Amanda was dressed and had her hair combed and looking pretty by the time I was dressed and ready to leave. She ate a banana, we stopped by church to grab her notebook (we accidentally left it there yesterday), grabbed a granola bar out of my desk and got Amanda to school before the bell rang. I went back home, grabbed a shower, fixed her lunch and got it to her before morning snack time.

All of that excitement and a "funny" story to tell Mommy to boot!

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