Friday, September 21, 2007

Geocaching Chance of a Lifetime?

Got an email from a friend today. Couldn't take advantage of the offer for a number of reasons, but wow, what an opportunity that would have been!

A quick question for you... Are you going to the HIP event in Plano this Sunday? We are coming up Saturday morning and caching along the way but will arrive at the hotel in Plano sometime Saturday afternoon or evening.

Before and after the Sunday event, we will cache as late as possible then the cool part.
We are caching with Team NAB Monday all day. We knew of them before our Nashville run and happened to run into them while going nuts in Nashville, ditched the rent car and went with them, GeoPirat, Cash & Kari and nashpredfan for the remainder of the day. They are very nice and calm people. Since then, we have kept up with them and they have suggested this cache adventure on Monday.

If you are not familiar with their cachemobile, you would not believe me if I told you everything in that van. First it is a Mercedes stand up van that holds probably 11 people. The thing is so awesome it even has a GPS repeater inside of it. Yes, a repeater so nobody will loose satellite lock while in it. This van falls just short of looking like Mission Control inside.

Anyway, they have invited us to cache with them Monday and have told me there are 3 seats open for other people. I guess they don't want too many people in it for this one.

If they have not given away the available seats yet, would you be interested in me checking into you getting a seat for the outing? We will probably get 85-100 finds. We are hoping for that amount anyway. Rhonda and I have a really tough goal before or on our 3rd year of caching and this will help. It should take us from 17th to 15th place in the Texas rankings if we can pull it off.

If you are interested, I will check into it and see if there are any available seats. It would be cool to see you again and to introduce you to one of the best known cachers in the USA.

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ATMA said...

We missed you on the cache run. We didnt hit our goal because we decided to go to a much less cache dense area out in the country for some caching but still ended up getting something like 68 in spite of ourselves. It was still a lot of fun.
Next time we are there we are going to rip you guys off for a day out with us.
Hope to see you soon.