Monday, September 03, 2007

(Almost) Camping This Weekend

We almost went camping this weekend. Well, we sorta went camping this weekend. OK, what I mean is Amanda and I camped with my parents in their new camper on Friday night, Brooke came in the morning and had breakfast with us all, we went home, Sunday night Amanda camped with them again and Monday morning we all had breakfast together. So we camped, we just did a lot of other stuff in between. The picture above is Amanda in her "fort" on the top bunk bed in the camper.

The ultimate camping meal...hamburgers! What's that? Yes, you are correct...I think hamburgers are the best meal any time!!

We went to a nature talk about owls in the park on Friday night. In this picture, Amanda is either holding an invisible, one-legged owl or a display owl foot from the presentation.

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