Sunday, January 12, 2014

12 of 12 January 2014

12 of 12 Basic Idea - 12 pictures from your life on the 12th of every month. This month, the 12th was on a Sunday.

7:16am - Starting the day off right with some alone time in the Word. Studying James chapter 5 to discuss in men's Bible study tomorrow night.

7:25am - In 2013 I finished putting back on all the weight I lost in 2011. I tried a couple times to get back to my 30 Day Shred and Weight Watchers in 2013, but it was a failure to launch. Back at it in 2014. Hopefully Skinny Rob will be making a return by this summer.

8:00am - Fixing breakfast and lunch at the same time. On the right, Fit & Active meal replacement shake with a bit of crushed ice and a couple bananas (zero Weight Watcher points for bananas) added for flavor. On the left, frozen chicken breasts in the Crock Pot covered with marinade, cooked on high, ready for lunch after church.

8:20am - THIS is the reason I am back on the 30 Day Shred and Weight Watchers. Hoping by posting this each month on my 12 of 12 will motivate me to keep on track. Nope, not a proud moment.

8:40am - This is where Sully likes to lay while I take a shower. Sully loves his heater. The bathroom was an add-on after the house was built and has no heat or AC duct work...a little chilly in the winter without a space heater.

9:56am - It is my week to run Easy Worship at church. Getting everything set up for service.

10:44am - Daniel Hammersley is sharing briefly about getting back to Russia for his February wedding. Daniel was at the church when Brooke and I first started attending in 1991. He has been a missionary in Russia for 17 years now.

11:34am - A few folks lining up for pictures. Getting ready to put together our 2014 church directory.

3:35pm - It got up to 70 degrees today, so I thought I'd try to get outside for a bit and read. My phone said it was 70 degrees out, but I still needed a sweat shirt. It was windy and cool. Of course the dogs wanted to enjoy the nice weather, too.

4:18pm - Dinner time for Freckles, the Leopard Gecko I got right before Christmas. She is going after that cricket in the corner of the cage. Leopard Gecko tails usually come to a point. It seems at some time in the past, she lost/dropped her tail and this is how it grew back. Looks a little different, but it gives her personality.

8:21pm - Back from a not-so-successful trip. Tried two Dollar Tree stores to find storage containers for Amanda. First one didn't have the right kind. Second one closed just before we drove up. Guess it was not a total loss, though. Picked up some Super Glue and light bulbs. How can you go to Dollar Tree and not pick up something?

8:38pm - Little boys and their toys. I got this remote control helicopter for Christmas. It is a bit harder to fly that the other ones I have had. It is a hardy little thing, but it still is requiring a bit of super glue after just 5 or 6 flights. It seems zooming up to the ceiling followed by a sudden and speedy descent is not what's best for it.

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