Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 of 12 August 2011

12 of 12 Basic Idea - 12 pictures from your life on the 12th of every month. This month, the 12th was on a Saturday.

10:44am - Friday morning Bible reading (again with Sully)

10:50am - Boo was supposed to help me get Amanda out of bed, not join her in bed.

10:59am - The 30 Day Shred continues.

11:24am - Amanda washing her clothes to help out Mom so she won't have to do it after work.

12:00pm - Sully getting some Amanda love.

1:10pm - One of Amanda's favorite summer past times...swimming at the Kerrs. But don't ask her about it, she'll just tell you she does not get to go enough.

1:45pm - Had to drop my Kahr P9 off to have some work done by the gunsmith. 

3:43pm - Our favorite time of the day...Sonic Happy Hour!

3:44pm - Amanda had a coupon so we stopped by Bath and Body Works for her to get some stuff.

7:12pm - Sully always go first with the hair cuts. He comes up to me and let's me shave him. He likes the attention.

7:55pm - Always have to hunt down Boo. Whenever she sees me getting the shaving stuff out she runs and hides.

9:29pm - Sully wants some snuggle time after his haircut.

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