Monday, August 02, 2010

12 of 12 May 2010

#1 - 7:18 AM - Finishing up some homework before school.

#2 - 7:20 AM - Went out to feed the turtles. Grumpy had crawled up on the brick wall and was going for a morning walk.

#3 - 7:43 AM - Making Amanda's lunch for the day...including the lunch napkin poem for the day.

#4 - 10:12 AM - Second day Dad came out to help me reside the church lawn mower shed.

#5 - 12:48 PM - Look at me...Mr. Power Tools!

#6 - 12:50 PM - Still working on the mower shed. Second day Dad helped me work...second day threat of rain came out of nowhere!

#7 - 6:23 PM - Siding finished and all the stuff has been put back in the shed. All that is left is painting (my favorite part...NOT!)

#8 - 7:38 PM - OK, it's not the coolest looking hat, but it definitely keeps me cooler while I'm working outside. I went looking for one of these hats after sun burning my neck one too many times.

#9 - 9:20 PM - Nightly ritual...praying with Amanda (and doing some extra talking, too!)

#10 - 9:24 PM - Brooke watching some TV while the puppies chill. I think she's waiting for me to finish praying with Amanda so we can watch one or two of our Wednesday night shows.

#11 - 10:20 PM - Gotta love DVRs! Sitting down to watch my favorite TV show.

#12 - 1:06 AM - Cutting out a new set of bookmarks for my 10 List Bible reading.

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