Monday, September 14, 2009

12 of 12 - September 2009

Basic Idea: 12 pictures from your life on the 12th of every month. This mon't, the 12th was on a Saturday.

9:35am - Kidz Live had Super Hero night from 7pm-Midnight the night before. I was getting everything ready for the chair crew to help me reset the chairs in the sanctuary.

9:46am - Laying out the tape measures to know where to reset sanctuary chairs.

10:34am - Here's the chair crew in action. Thanks to Terry, Jesse and David for your help!

11:07am - Amanda having a late (and ever-so-healthy) breakfast. She was up late for Super Hero night the night before.

11:14am - My sermon notes and Power Point for my sermon the next day "How To Be a Disciple Who Doesn't Turn Back" taken from John 6.

12:04pm - Amanda and Daddy ran a few errands.

12:12pm - While running errands, we had to stop by Amanda's favorite restaurant.

12:42pm - We stopped by Kroger for a few necessities. (We were supposed to buy stuff for lunch but we had to pass McDonalds on the way, so we just bought groceries for dinner!)

5:40pm - We LOVE our teachers at ECIA this year and are thankful for a better academic focus this year, but man, we're getting slammed with homework. Who likes weekend homework?

6:23pm - After working on homework and a sermon most of the day, Amanda and Daddy needed a Wii break!

6:43pm - It was raining outside and not very inviting for we grilled inside.

6:46pm - Weather radar. It rained ALL weekend!

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