Sunday, August 16, 2009

12 of 12 - July 2009

The Basic Idea: 12 pictures of your life on the 12th of each month. Here's my July. We were in Alabama visiting Brooke's family on the way back from the Liberty Family summer conference in Lake Junaluska, NC.

01 - Amanda playing in MawMaw Brenda's closet. It was hot in there, but she didn't seem to notice.

02 - There was a surprise 70th birthday party for Brooke's Dad at the church. Friends and family were there to celebrate with him.

03 - Here's the golf cart that was on the birthday cake...they got it off before I could take a picture.

04 - Dad's surprise birthday party. Here he is next to his sister, Judy and son, Scott, taking the picture.

05 - Brooke and her sister, Jill, serving at the party.

06 - My nephew, David, is now driving.

07 - Amanda with cousins Hannah and David.

08 - Brooke with her Momma. I have always told Brooke if she looks as good as her Momma when she is her Momma's age, I'll always have a good-looking wife.

09 - Me and the wife of my youth!

10 - Showing off the "Bartholomew good looks"! This is Brooke's brother, Scott (who made a surprise visit for Dad's birthday), her Mom, Brenda...and Brooke.

11 - The Bartholomew Clan - Jill (middle child), Scott (oldest), Brenda, Bill and Brooke (only one under 40)

12 - Brooke's sister, Jill, and her fiance, David Bartlett. David proposed to her while we were there (they were married August 15th).

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