Saturday, July 18, 2009

Trips to the Doctor(s)

Thought I'd post a quick explanation for those of you have been praying for me while following my Twitter/Facebook updates.

On July 5th, we headed toward Lake Junaluska, NC the Liberty Fellowship family conference. While on the way to Memphis (the half way point where we planned to spend the night), I began having chest pain and just felt really "not good". I had no appetite and felt really out of it. I didn't say anything to my family, but that night when I went to bed, I considered checking into the hospital. I thought I was about to have a heart attack.

I was finally able to go to sleep Sunday night and felt better when I woke up in the morning. I told Brooke how I had been feeling, she prayed for me and we headed on toward NC. Short version...I had the same symptoms on and off during the week. A couple times, when I felt really bad, I had an OVERWHELMING sense of dread. I did not know if I was having a heart attack or what. I did not know if I should check into the hospital 1,000 miles from home or "wait it out" since I had made it through the symptoms before.

I called my cardiologist on the way home the following Monday (July 20th). I did not feel good again that Tuesday when I heard back from my doctor. He brought me in for a nuclear stress test (which would show any blockage or previous damage to my heart). I was a bit concerned about running on the treadmill after having had chest pains, but I was told that would actually be a 'good' thing if we could reproduce my chest pain!

I had no chest pains on the treadmill and felt great the rest of the night Tuesday, all day Wednesday and on Thursday until 5pm. Thursday night, I got chest pains again and did not feel good. Had another attack of overwhelming dread and really wished I had heard back from my cardiologist.

This Friday, I called my cardiologist and was told my nuclear stress test came back "normal" showing no blockage and no damage. They suggested I call my regular doctor, so I was able to get an appointment on Friday afternoon.

After hearing about my symptoms and clear stress test results, my doctor gave me a sample of Nexium to treat my acid reflux (which had been getting worse) and started a couples tests on my gall bladder.

An initial sonogram on my gall bladder came back "normal". This coming week I am going in for a cardiac blood work up (including checking my blood plaque levels), a follow up visit with the cardiologist and a more in depth (read MORE COSTLY) scan on my gall bladder.

The Nexium has totally taken care of my acid reflux and I have had no more "episodes". Don't know if I've had another couple good days or if this is all related to the acid reflux. I thank the Lord my heart is good, I have had no more episodes and I am feeling good. I am continuing to pray for no more episodes or symptoms and that controlling the acid reflux will take care of it all.

Of course, all of these problems are exacerbated by being overweight. You can also pray for me (please just pray...I'll ask for suggestions if I need them) for me to stay committed to life changes to loose the weight and keep it off.

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