Friday, July 03, 2009

Never Know What You'll See

Amanda and I went for a motorcycle ride this evening. We didn't head out until 8pm because it has been so hot. We like to ride the back, country roads and look for animals because you never know what you'll see. Tonight we saw BIG bulls, llamas, goats, ducks, geese, burros, ponies, horses, a vulture, dogs, cats...and this tarantula! I guess this guy was small compared to some, but he was big enough I saw him crossing the road as we rode across a bridge. Amanda was not real thrilled when I got off the bike to take a picture. She was convinced that it was going to be a "jumping tarantula" that would jump up and bite me! I guess she thought I would die instantly and she would be left there on the roadside alone. (We're all pretty happy it didn't turn out that way).

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