Friday, April 17, 2009

12 of 12 - April 2009

8:14am - Breakfast of Champions, (generic) Lucky Charms

8:55am - Vine Fellowship Easter bulletin

8:55am - Amanda at church in her Easter outfit

10:25am - Vine Fellowship Easter service

11:39am - Mrs. Brooke and Kidz Live on Sunday morning

2:37pm - Lunch with Mom and Dad

4:08pm - Yes, that's a Christmas tree. One of the places Amanda had to look for her Easter eggs was under the Christmas tree! That's right, G-ma still has her Christmas tree up.

4:20pm - Mom dyed Easter eggs and hid them for Amanda. Here Amanda has found them all and sorted them by color.

4:34pm - Amanda being silly at Mom and Dad's during her Easter egg hunt.

6:17pm - For years now, Mom has been measuring Amanda from time to time and marking her height with the date on her kitchen door frame.

7:29pm - We had to go grocery shopping on the way home from Mom and Dad's. Picked up these "just because I love you" roses for Brooke while we were there.

7:58pm - Several years ago we received this hand-stir popcorn popper on Pastor Appreciation Sunday. We use it often and we LOVE it.

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